Friday, October 30, 2009

New Layout!

Did I mention I'd be changing my layouts every week or so?

I thought one to kick off the month, well just a bit early, would be good!

Next one coming probably after the first week of November!

I like this one, it's all green and pretty.

"Hey, nobody died and we didn't hit a single tree, I call that a success!"

Welcome to the 30th! Wow... I've been slack lately haven't I? Well, tomorrow is All Hallows Eve, a very busy day for me indeed, and of course... THEN IT IS THE 1st! *streamers and oddly hyper music begin to play*

Exciting is it not? Well, throughout November, I'll be blogging here daily with my favorite quote of the day and how much I wrote THAT day. Plus other little notes and tidbits about it, maybe even a full chapter, maybe.

Well, I'll finish off with a quote and I shall type more on the 1st, maybe tomorrow I dunno!

"How does one go about getting mauled by a sheep?"

Sunday, October 4, 2009

"Thus, you die."

I do love using actual quotes as post titles. It's amusing.

Well, I won't bother to fill up to date with the chapters I've written before being active, for now I'll just say I wrote a chapter yesterday, don't ask what number I haven't the faintest clue as it is no where in my outline! It could be problematic in the future but... I'll worry about that LATER.

I can tell you it was hilariously fun. I do love the few chapters I get of random trio madness. Especially these sorts of shpping chapters. Good fun good fun.

I shall now leave you with a lovely quote...

"30 seconds can decide a lot, 30 seconds can save a life, 30 minutes can change a life. 1 minute is all it takes to change a heart."

Sunday, July 26, 2009

"I'll flail in peace on my own thanks."

Offical Mirrored updates here. Other updates will be posted to main blog...

So.. yeah... I'll update this daily with wordcount and such in November, although I'm writing it currently as well.